Teenadventure by Yuno Sakamoto, Japan 2014


In a mid-size town in Japan something peculiar is going on: the youth start acting all grown-up and responsible-like, in no way how kids ought to behave. Akane and her friends decide to investigate what’s happening, and their quest takes them to the dreamscape of their comatose friend, in order to defeat the manifestation of the contagion.

The barely 15 year old Yuno Sakamoto holds the director’s megaphone, and she’s aided by other teens in the creative department. As such, the interpretation of the youngsters’ situation gets bbelievable yet somewhat amateurish. Parts Inception mix with parts B-grade karate film á la 80’s, and any logic keeps well hidden in the background. Which, I suppose, is reasonable, seeing that the story in great deals takes place in the world of dreams. A film primarily for the younger crowd.

Bechdel test: Pass

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