Celluloidrelay, by misc, Sweden 2014-15

A collection of shortfilms, eligible for the short film award ‘Startsladden’ (roughly translated The jump cable) in a feature length package. As usual, some films are better than others.

Audition by Lovisa Sirén: 3 couches of 6
Värn (Reduit) by John Skoog: 0 slabs of 6
Jag vill nå dig (I want to reach you) by Victor Lindgren: 3 dances of 6
Mommy by Milad Alami: 4 toddlers of 6
Pojkarna (Boys) by Isabella Carbonell: 2 juvenile delinquents of 6
Punkt 9: val av andre vice talman (Second Deputy Speaker) by Maximilien Van Aertryck: 3 blanks of 6
Stoerre Vaerie (Norra Storfjället/Northern Great Mountain) by Amanda Kernell: 2 reindeer of 6
Cupcake by Jane Magnusson: 1 conjugal bed of 6

Bechdel test: 2 pass, 6 fail

On average: 2,25 sockets of 6